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Day Trip with Innisfree & Sankalptru Foundation at Rajasthan for Greenforest Campaign

Do you know that one planted tree produces 118 Kg of oxygen each year, absorbs 22 Kg of CO2  and produces enough oxygen to support 2 human lives for a year ?? Also, right now with every breath Indians are taking is in toxins and our lungs are being compromised badly with worsen effect to the future generation.

Keeping such problems in mind Innisfree along with SankalpTaruFoundation organised a plantation drive to the barren land of  Bansur, Alwar where they took bloggers and social media influencers to give awareness of how important it is for us to grow more and more plants and Innisfree being a brand that keeps nature, environment and good health a priority  made sure enough knowledge is given to everyone regarding same.

I was informed half a day before about the day trip which made me panic a bit as I had nothing in place. Also ,I still feel Youtube video would have been a better option to show my viewers about Day trip but just at end moment could not organise a camera.

So the day started at 6.30am and we had to reach Innisfree head office in Gurugram, Harayana post which we took the cute bus in which all bloggers were seated. There were primarily three buses as it was the Innisfree Brand team, people from the media, PR, Sankalp Taru Foundation and CEO of Innisfree- Mr. Lee had also joined us for the movement.

We managed to leave at 7.30 and with a bit of chit-chat and refreshments being served along with the Innisfree plantation Teeshirt which was kind of pretty cool. Everybody was discussing about trip and just meeting new people along with  a couple of breaks in between leading to delay at Bansur.

There was also some miscommunication between Sankalp Taru Foundation and commuter leading to
delay which made us reach at 5pm.As soon as we reached Bansur, Alwar- we received such a warm and sweet welcome from the locals of Alwar that we totally forgot the delay and rush.The volunteers of Sankalp Taru were explaining us their ambitious goal to plant and care for trees which not only help people reduce their carbon footprint but simultaneously generate livelihood options for rural farmers, support the rural livelihood, empower women, promote bio-diversity and also make schools cleaner and greener.It was so impressive that there are a certain set of individuals who even after moribund life take out time for nature, for others and for society.

There Mr. Lee was also there to give his speech of how Innisfree is taking their tiny steps for a healthier world and future filled with greenery and fresh air.I never knew plantation would be that fun frankly. We planted pronograde samplings that would further be owned by beneficiaries who in turn would nurture them and would eventually make money from it.

It soon started drizzling and the best part about the plantation drive was the dance and greeting that locals did which was really heartwarming, sweet and unexpected. Isn’t it beautiful that people who have barely have anything to give to you give so much of heart to you.

We soon rushed to our buses because of the rain and were on our way for lunch at 5 pm. (haha !)

The lunch was at Neemrana Fort, Alwar and as it was a bloggers trip – everybody had their camera out to cover the scenic beauty of  Neemrana Fort. I did try to cover a couple of pictures have my ‘instagram-ish’ picture.haha post which we had gone for lunch.

The lunch as expected was scrumptious and yumm but the sweet tooth I have- desserts were my favourite.  We felt so relaxed at Neemrana Fort after the  morning madness. Then,we were there for cute group pictures before getting into the bus that would be leading back to Gurugram where Innisfree main office is.

Never knew the trip would end up giving so much knowledge about the plantation and how it is that important, making blogger friends and yes- giving an amazing experience.

Swachh Zameen, Swachh Hawa aur Swachh Paani

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Aritra Chakrabarty September 15, 2018 at 7:20 pm

Great post, n overwhelmed to know of the lovely experience u had. Wonderful pics.

Humaira September 16, 2018 at 6:20 pm

Amazing and informative post. This trip seems to be best and eco-friendly. Definitely visit and enjoy. Great thoughts.


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