Flawsome – A new word I have fallen for

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”.


How often do we deprive ourself for not being too good, too thin or too perfect to fit in the box that the society expects from us.


This blog of mine is all about -being Flawsome – filled with Flaws and still managing to be AWESOME with it.

The other day I overheard somebody at workplace talking about- “isn’t she old to get married, she’s to obese to be camera friendly, yellow is too loud for a perosn leading a lifestyle like that and what not.”

Is it too tough for people or society to accept that a 20 something girl cannot be their definition of ‘PERFECT’ – we are build with flaws and we should be bought up in a manner wherein we can EBRACE it, love ourself even with the hatred that we receive and celebrate the incomplete, imperfect bundle of complex human beings we are.

We have been grown up hearing to fit in a box -to act, respond and behave in certain manner, to have that ideal weight to be a lady like
and to have that pretty plesent look even if  the world is being harsh to you.

Being born to a mother who is an artist and a creative and open mind, I at a personal level have always got the freedom to be expressive and bring out my feelings as well as opinions about things that we feel are wrong or right even if society might have tagged other wise

The society would expect women to be outspoken but not loud, pretty but not bold, intellectual but not argumentive, independent yet submissive and what not.

I have been repeatedly posting about giving lot of attention and care to oneself and most importantly fall in deep, intensive love about how careless, imperfect, stupid, unfitted and beautiful you are because I strongly feel until someone does not become comfortable with how they are and fall in love with oneself – they cannot change much about external world.

You would always be surrounded by people who would have their doubts, insecurities , think that you are not good enough for the ambition or choices you make but i feel its your flaws are the onethat make you perfectly fit into your battle and lead you to where you wish to.

And once you do it and love yourself, you will realise how life is beautiful to you and how things fall in place for you.

Just a piece of advice – Give a Fuck about what society wants and expects.


Trust me, the society never wanted me to be a blogger or an influencer and they never thought i can reach an inch of milestone I have achieved now – but trust me , the strongest thing that you should hear is your undying heart.

And let us accept, we all are made of flaws – I have issues and I am moody but that does not makes me believe I am imperfect – we all are all struggling to be a better version of each self – physically, mentally and spiritually.


Lets be beautiful flaw some with working towards a better version of oneself , achieving heights and still being ambitious , by falling and getting up – also let the society say whatever they feel like.


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