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Hello to My New Ayurveda Winter Essential- Vicco Turmeric Cream in Oil Base

Winters have been always the most beautiful weather for me whether it is staying long just in bed doing nothing or buying those cute boots and ughs , I love this season where maximisation in style can also be done in minimalist manner.

The only problem that I have been facing in this season of fancy pullovers is DRY SKINwhich is unbearable.

I land up having  patchiness, red skin, burning sensation and  post bleach effects after trying so many chemical beauty products with side effects which made me irritated and also led me to search for a product which is AYURVEDIC, totally vegan and  keeps my skin hydrated and glowing naturally.

Why Ayurvedic?

This traditional system of Indian medicine brought up by our ancestors is considered to be totally harmless with no side effects and also the natural way of a long, healthy, and peaceful life.

The term Ayurveda is a combination of two words: ‘Ayu’+’veda’ = ‘Ayurveda’. ‘Ayu’ means ‘life’and ‘veda’ means ‘science’ i.e. ‘the science of life’. In other words, ‘the science of longevity’. It is great that we Indians have again starting using Ayurvedic medicinal ingredients in daily-use products like paste, powder and skin/sun cream so that we adopt healthy and natural lifestyle.

Finally, after looking at so many options I got my hands on this product which is not only enriched with ayurveda qualities but also comes at affordable pricing and has an oil base.


When I had an encounter with this skincare essential, I was in Awestruck love with it in two weeks as I could feel my skin nourished and glowing even in this breezy chilled out weather.

It has TURMERICin it which has been longest and most beautiful natural ingredient for healthy glowing skin from ages and also, oil base keeping it even and non-patchy.

For hundreds of years, people around the world have been using turmeric for healing properties and cosmetic benefits. This bright, yellow-orange spice is related to ginger and contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components that helps in providing glow and luster to the skin.

As per researches, it is said over a period of three months, turmeric cream reduced facial oils by nearly 25% as it contains fatty acids and phytosterol which helps in reducing excess skin oils.



 Did I also mention how AFFORDABLE and pocket- friendly it is??

Another really great thing about the product is that it is really good to your pocket. A bottle of 50gm for RS 40, 100 gm for RS 80 and 300 gm for Rs 215.

Isn’t it amazing – a natural Ayurveda product that help you hydrate your skin with no side effects at an affordable of just Rs. 80 -100gm?

I think this would be ideal combination for any Indian Girl who wants a glowing skin but does not want to be harsh on her pocket.

Another really important thing is that the product is from Vicco Labs.

VICCO GROUP are one of the pioneers in Indian Ayurvedic beauty products and are well versed with Indian skin types and conditions.

They have gone a long way in reviving India’s ancient science of natural healing, viz. Ayurveda and has emerged today as makers of the best internationally known products in Ayurveda.

I love that they are committed in making vegan, natural and skin friendly products in an affordable price range.

Also, as it is an ayurvedic product it can be used for all skin. I used it on my face and body and have really seen my skin becoming softer and more hydrated. Even though it has a yellow-ish tinge, it does not stain your skin or clothes. It is natural and helps me retain my winter glow and touch not leaving the pretty pink look.

All in all– I would recommend both men and women get hands on pocket friendly ayurvedic moisturiser. Vicco Turmeric Cream in Oil Base has become a necessity for me in just one week and Ii am sure you guys are going to love it because it is enriched with turmeric and has such affordable pocket friendly pricing.

Go grab your Vicco Turmeric Cream in Oil Base and let me know how you find it.

You can buy it here:




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