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“Travel is the only thing that you buy makes you richer because it brings power and love back into your life” – Rumi

The biggest question in everyone’s mind in such a competitive and jungled up world is what should i do so to grow , expand and widen my thinking and horizon.

For me , the answer is TRAVEL .

I am passionate about travelling – it makes my soul free and opens my mind – Going to new places, seeing the world beyond your limits out of your busy monotones life always makes a  person will to live stronger, makes him love things and people more passionately and sets his soul on fire

So this time time my heart was calling me to the hills  Triund and Mcleorganj.

The feeling of reaching the peak of the mountain and seeing the most beautiful  view and whole world beyond is you is undoubtedly the best feeling in the world.

It was a 2 days trip only  but just imagine a world without Wifi, no Networks between the hills – just you, hills, beauty and great company. This is where I wanted to be for the rest of the time

I knew it would be one hell of experience and I am going to have an amazing time-thanks to @adventure_nation- the way they made sure nobody is at discomfort even at 7 kilometer trek and had given amazing camps , food and bedding

At a personal level, the worst thing while making travel plans is asking people to tagg along with you which seldom gets finalizes into a real  plan so this time  I decided to go for a solo , even though I felt bit dicy initially but then I had this thing ‘Lets just do it’

Undoubtedly, everybody knows how scenic and beautiful this place was.

The first day we started our trek from Dharankoat and @adventure_nation tagged me with a group of college student which made us a big group of 30 people- there were trekking trainers and also  people whom I  did not know were guiding me throughout the trek . It was easy and the weather was windy , just about to start with drizzling we assumed.

It was a 7 Kilometer trek and took the whole group to complete in 4 hours even though it was bit steeper at the end and most beautiful part about the whole 4 hours journey was this amazing weather and view which undoubtedly looked surreal and ALSO, the people i was trekking with who were very supportive and helpful throughout the trek.

In the evening when we landed, we did campfire ,  had dinner chit chatted ,played amazing music and most beautiful thing is – the way i got along with the group ,i forgot i met these people first time. We kept on talking about our lives, college, music and end number of things.

The second day was strange as we woke up by clouds thundering straight on our camps that to at 5 am which made me scared but haha…obviously nothing happen to anyone. So we started for trek back to Dharamkoat which did not took much time and yes, again the weather was amazing as it also started drizzling this time.

Frankly, saying Bye to Triund was hard but then Mcleorganj was waiting !! Jammies pizza was an amazing experience- it is an Italian restaurant in between Mcleorganj market and a must visit  and yes, as we had half a day left we carried by  buying junk jewelry , chit chatting with locals and going to Dalai Lama Temple.

One thing is for sure – Trips like these make anybody feel so much of them self and I strongly recommend and feel everybody should go for once a SOLO because I feel its the  fall in love with yourself all over again and give time to yourself.

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