Soya Protein – My Health Superhero

“Proteins are the machinery of living that builds the structure and carries out the chemical reaction necessary for life”

Today protein has become an essential in our diet and many are seeking ways to incorporate more protein into their diets. However, formulation of high protein foods and beverages is no easy task – taste, nutrition, cost and sustainability are all important considerations when choosing protein ingredients.

I recently attended a bloggers meet where I realised how DuPont works with food manufacturers and producers worldwide, applying science to help build their businesses and feed the world’s growing population.
Today’s protein market is shaped by these key protein trends –
  • Proteins broad consumer appeal
  • Rise of active lifestyle consumer who are aware about protein intake
  • Demand of convenient, portable nutrition
  • Plant based nutrition
  • Consumer’s changing eating styles
After every individual being aware how protein fits the requirement, the challenge that people are facing not every type of protein(that is dairy, hemp, brown rice, mixed plant , animal protein, protein powder and egg protein) fits every person which helps in introducing SOY PROTEIN which is a high quality, plant based protein with proven benefits.

Soy protein is a more complete protein than any animal-based protein. The human body is more receptive to soy protein. On a side note, most humans are actually overdosing themselves on protein when they rely on animal products for the nutrient, which can lead to an array of health problems. Weight lifters and athletes can easily attain all the protein they need from plant-based sources.

Some of the main benefits of Soy Protein  are-
1. Soy Protein Helps Reduce LDL Cholesterol
2. Soy Protein Reduces the Risk Of Heart Disease
3. It Acts as a Substitute for Meat Protein
4. Soy Protein Helps Make Other Food More Effective

5. Soy Protein Helps Reduce Other Risks (colon cancer, prostate cancer and even osteoporoses)Soy protein has been shown to support health needs across the lifespan as a source of lean, cholesterol-free and lactose-free protein. The field of nutrition science and exercise physiology supports the need for physical activity in combination with more nutritious choices—such as consuming sources of soy protein, to maintain a healthy quality of life. DuPont Nutrition and Health scientists have assessed the human clinical research supporting source protein impact on different health outcomes.

DU Pont has been helping in  innovating across the food chain, from seeds to ingredients, packaging to safety technology  working with customers and partners to develop solutions at scale.

It’s not hard to add soy protein into your daily diet. Switching over to a soy milk in the morning with your cereal or coffee is a good place to start. There are many soy based products in the local grocery store including soy supplements, milk, tofu and other substitutions to what we may normally eat.

You can make soya protein a part of your life like the way I have done by taking these small actions –

• Opt for grilled tofu sandwiches or wraps than normal sandwich
• Use fortified soya milk in place of regular milk to make fruit smoothies. For children you can add banana, choco chips and
peanut butter to make it interesting
• Snack on roasted soy nuts, soy-protein nutrition bar and soya nut butter
• Soy-dairy based protein supplements can be added to certain foods like oatmeal and soups.

I received this ample of knowledge about  Soy protein, sources, benefits and why it is important in our daily diets , how we can make it tasty and make lots of innovative dishes out if it through DuPont. You can follow DuPont at following links for great updates.

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Aritra Chakrabarty October 9, 2018 at 4:31 am

Soy protein is extremely beneficial, especially when u r a vegetarian n do not want to have non veg protein options. Great post.

Sayeri October 9, 2018 at 7:02 am

I have heard many good words about soy protein. This is imp for our good health.

Humaira October 10, 2018 at 4:24 am

Amazing and insightful post. Soy protein contains all essential amino acids. It is a high quality, plant based protein with health benefits. Great thoughts.


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